The Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA)

The Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA) is a national, independent, non-governmental institution working to ensure that democratic processes are implemented transparently through networking, citizen participation and good governance. It was established in May of 2004 by a coalition of civil society organizations for the purposes of:

  • Monitoring elections to ensure they are free and fair
  • Promoting democracy in the country
  • Promoting public participation in public and electoral affairs
  • Advancing the consolidation of public trust and faith in democracy and elections

FEFA's vision for Afghanistan is to contribute to the formation of a peaceful, democratic and well-governed society where all citizens have equal rights and opportunities for participation in the public life of their country.

FEFA was registered with the Ministry of Justice on 12 June 2004 and is both an organization and a network. Its membership includes 15 domestic civil society organizations committed to strengthening the participation of Afghan citizens in public life and democratic processes, and an additional 16 organizations partner with FEFA during elections.

Since its founding 6 year ago, FEFA remains the only Afghan organization with a nationwide presence to have observed all of Afghanistan's elections.

FEFA observed the pre-election phases of the 2010 electoral process at the provincial level in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan and deployed nearly 7,000 observers throughout the country on Election Day, Sept 18. This observation mission, the largest in Afghanistan this election year, was made possible through the generous support of the governments of Germany and Denmark.

You can follow more updates at the FEFA blog.